Belle Isle Casino

Preparations were underway for the 40th Belle Isle New Year's Eve Fun Run when we visited today. The Casino, designed by Van Leyen & Schilling (thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for the correction) in 1907, was the site for registration and the start of the race. I love the view of downtown's skyline in the distance.

We didn't stay for the race (we had our own personal fun run and other afternoon events planned), but we did take a walk through the interior, noticing some of the ornate details.
The building was originally meant for dining. It doesn't seem to have been ever actually used as a casino... apparently it was more of an event venue....formals dances, concerts, weddings and such.

Hats off to the runners and walkers who participated in the Fun Run! Maybe next year I will be more ambitious and join you!


justbeamensch April 10, 2011 at 7:46 PM  

Nice photos, but I believe the Casino was designed by Van Leyen and Schilling in 1907.

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